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Round Weaving Looms

I have plenty of videos of these instructions step by step over at my YouTube channel, including how to warp your round weaving loom (there are two videos, one for the small size and one for the large size), various round weaving techniques and how to remove your weaving from the loom

Another fantastic resource to have in your favourites bar is Kate Tedesco's blog The Weaving Loom. Kate regularly updates her blog with wonderful weaving techniques, hints and tips and most often uses her very own The Unusual Pear Weaving Loom. Here are some specific links to Kate's tutorials for using our Round Looms

How to warp your Round Loom

How to start a round weaving

How to create patterns in round weaving

How to hang your round weaving on a hoop



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  • Pam on

    Really beautiful I can’t wait to try it

  • neeta on

    very nice

  • neeta on

    very nice

  • Maria Ines Perez Gibert Telar Urbano Soleado on

    Muy bellos tus trabajos… mi consulta los bastidores son de madera? nunca lo s habia visto!! y luego como los sacas del bastidor!! soy apasionada de todas las tecnicas que se realizan con urdimbres y tramas. gracias

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