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Wearable Weaving Combs


Wearable Weaving Comb

7cm wide x 7cm high (3" x 3")

Laser cut from FSC certified bamboo and sanded by hand for a smooth finish. 

If you are not familiar with what a weaving comb is for, it is for beating down your yarn to compact it, resulting in a stronger weaving. 


High Density - 17 teeth, the perfect fringe and rope comb. Great for high density warps (warp spacing close together)

Low Density - 9 teeth, also great for combing fringe and works best for a low density warp (warp spacing further apart)

Some great features include:

- Small handy size

- Small hole at the top where you can add a length of yarn so you can wear your weaving comb while you weave! This allows you to easily pick up and put down your comb without worrying where you've left it (a common occurrence in my studio).

- The spacing of the teeth matches up perfectly with the warp spacing of The Unusual Pear looms (although this is not essential and it'll work with any loom, the attention to detail was on point)

- The teeth of the comb are cut to pointed tips and sanded down by hand which makes them perfect for combing fringe

All laser cut products are designed by Rainie Owen of The Unusual Pear and are laser cut in Sydney, Australia and are subject to copyright.  Please read my shipping and returns policies, by placing an order you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

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