Flax/Linen White Fibre

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Flax is a natural plant fibre, extracted from the bast beneath the surface of the stem of the flowering flax plant. It has a natural sheen and is long, strong and originally golden in colour, this white variety has been bleached to create a softer white and can absorb dye quite well. Flax is the most coarse fibre I stock and has a similar feel to jute or twine. Textiles made from flax are called linen so I've given the name here flax/linen as most people know would know it as linen. 

Weight: 50g (1.7oz)

Length: Approx 2m per 50g

Fibre: 100% Bleached Flax Fibre

Origin: Russia produces most of the flax for fibre. Other producers include Belgium, Ireland and other nations of Eastern Europe

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