Pom Maker - Bow

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The Bow Pom Maker is the newest craft tool from Pom Maker to make those large fluffy pom poms that you have been after.  They are made from solid beech wood and are a great shape for children to start learning the craft of pom pom making.  You may even be tempted to keep one for yourself! 

The Bow Pom Maker comes in a variety of fun colours - Pink, Sky Blue, Violet and Yellow.  It is the largest size out of the Pom Makers with the Donut Pom Maker being a medium size and the Macaron Pom Maker a small size.

This craft tool is best suited to older children, but younger children can still have success using thicker wool and some assistance from an adult to get it started and also to help cut and tie off the pom pom at the end.

Detailed instructions can be found right here


LARGE (9cm diameter)


6 wooden parts in a cotton bag with a booklet


Makes pompoms between 9 – 11 cm
depending upon yarn used & wrap count and the amount of trimming,


Solid beech wood from sustainable forests + non-toxic, safe paint = happy crafting for conscious makers!

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