Wildflower Weaver | Daisy

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These Native Australian Weaving Kits are part of the hand painted collection. They include everything you will need to complete one woven flower. The looms are inspired by the beautiful flora of Australia and measure approximately 14 cm in diameter at the outer edge.

Please note these Daisy Weavers are different shades of lilac and each shade will be chosen thoughtfully for each order

All yarns and rovings are hand selected for each loom to compliment perfectly. The yarns have all been hand-dyed in beautiful colours in very small batches with natural dyes only.

Each kit includes

- Hand painted, locally made timber Flower Looms measuring approximately 14cm across at the outer edge

-Botanically dyed lengths of yarn

-Botanically dyed pure wool roving/chunky yarn

-Tapestry needle

-Warping thread


*You can also watch the YouTube video for extra support making your flower weaving here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwVtkg_4-A4

Please note that some colours may differ slightly from those pictured as they may come from a different dye bath

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