Beginner Weaving Loom

 Starter Kit - 10% off 

Beginner Loom + 200g (7oz) cotton warp roll 
Medium weaving needle + tapestry needle + weaving comb

Complete Kit  - 10% off + free set of mini loom legs!
Beginner Loom + 200g (7oz) cotton warp roll 
Medium weaving needle + tapestry needle + weaving comb 
Medium shuttle + medium shed stick + mini loom legs
3x 50g Corriedale yarns + 2x 25g merino roving (leave a comment with your colour selections or colours will be chosen randomly)


Dimensions - Frame size: 30 cm x 30 cm (12" x 12") ~ Total weaving Area: 23cm x 29cm (9" x 11") 

Medium, adjustable design - The new Beginner Loom features extra holes to adjust the height from 30cm, down to 16cm for when you'd like to create a smaller weaving. 

Warp sett - Our looms are incredibly versatile, the wide notches allow you to warp with super chunky yarns as well as finer yarns. High density warping allows you 8 ends per inch and low density warping allows you 4 ends per inch. 

Designed & made in Australia - by Rainie of The Unusual Pear and laser cut in Sydney, Australia with sustainably sourced FSC certified bamboo and spotted gum. Each piece is sanded smooth by my husband and I in our home studio. 

Easy assembly - This loom is shipped unassembled and comes with solid brass screw sets. All you need is a flat head screwdriver to tighten the screws together.

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