About The Unusual Pear

Hey, I’m Rainie! I’m the one running things over here at The Unusual Pear. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously interested in what we’re all about, so I’ll share some of my favourite things about us! 


This is a small family business, run by my husband Beynon and I in Newcastle, Australia. We have two small children in tow, Poppy and Louis and two cats, Picasso and Monet. 


I have been obsessed with fibre art since 2014 when I was pregnant with my first child, Poppy. The therapeutic nature of weaving, spinning and dyeing yarn was a much needed creative outlet for me during my pregnancy and soon flourished into a wonderful daily ritual. I’m responsible for 100% of the business, I do everything from product design and manufacture to photography and website updates, packing and shipping orders and just about everything in between!


Beynon is a casual disability support worker and in his spare time is a potter and woodworker. Beynon makes most of the beautiful pottery in our store and
I occasionally throw in one or two pieces of my own. Beynon also makes and finishes a lot of our timber supplies like the looms and tools. 


We have a really strong passion for quality and sustainability and have very small environmental footprint with this business. All of our packaging is home compostable or recyclable and we choose carbon neutral parcel delivery. I make a lot of our yarns from recycled materials and only choose sustainably sourced, plant and animal fibres. All of our timber products are made from FSC certified timbers and sourced locally. We both work from our home - I have a small fibre art studio inside and Beynon has his pottery studio on our back porch. We are excited to be building our new studio at the back of our property where we will be able to work together and invite people in to see our pieces.


In the 7+ years of business, we have been featured in print, in some amazing publications including.. 

- Frankie Magazine

- The Etsy Blog

- Koel Magazine

- Mollie Makes

- Extra Curricular Magazine

- Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

- DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow

- Swell Magazine 

- Maryanne Moodie’s latest book

- The Newcastle Herald 

- ABC Brisbane Radio

- Ply Magazine


Other proud achievements include…

- Guest Artist 2016 at the Stitches and Craft Shows in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide

- Teaching a weaving workshop in New Jersey USA

- Featured Artist with Etsy's famous textile week in Melbourne

- Guest Artist 2019 at the Stitches and Craft Show in Newcastle


My biggest most amazing achievement has to be writing my own book, The Woven Home which was published in December 2019.

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