Want to donate your scraps to me, to turn into beautiful new yarns? Yes please!

We all need to be a little more conscious about the materials we are using and the waste that we produce from our work. I am really passionate about being an eco-conscious business and turning my "waste" into something beautiful has helped me further achieve that. 

Now I'm ready to take that a step further and give you an alternative to throwing away something that can be re-used and it's going to come with a pretty amazing perk! To thank you for your donation of fibre scraps, I'd love to give you 20% off your next order of yarn, roving and fibre. All you have to do is donate a minimum of 200g of useable scraps. So what are useable scraps? Any yarn, roving or fibre that I am able to use to create new yarn. 

What I can use: Trimmings that are 2cm or longer in length; Any colour, any fibre; Roving, yarn or rope; Sewing or embroidery threads 

What I can't use: Trimmings that are less than 2cm in length; Braided cord or rope; Felted yarn; Knotted yarn 

Leave a message

Please fill out your details and let me know if you'd like to send me your scraps. I'd love a small description of what you have and how much you have. If I think I can use them, I'll let you know the address you can send them to. 

spin your own scraps

Would you like the tools to spin your own scraps at home? I've got the perfect kit for you! It includes my popular drop spindle and a set of Ashford hand carders to get you blending and spinning your scraps in no time

Get the kit

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