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Available in 14 vibrant colours. Our dyes have no fillers or salts, they are 100% concentrate so very economic - 10gm of dye powder made to a 1% concentrate will dye 1kg of fibre. Use white vinegar or citric acid to fix the dyes.

Create all the colours and shades imaginable with our easy to follow recipes and colour theory charts.

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Recycled yarns

We all need to be a little more conscious about the materials we are using and the waste that we produce from our work. I am really passionate about being an eco-conscious business and turning my "waste" into something beautiful has helped me further achieve that. 

If you would like to send your yarn and fibre scraps to me, I happily accept donations. What I can use: Trimmings that are 2cm or longer in length; Any colour, any fibre; Roving, yarn or rope; Sewing or embroidery threads. What I can't use: Trimmings that are less than 2cm in length; Braided cord or rope; Felted yarn; Knotted yarn.

Please email me a photo and the weight of your scraps at rainie@theunusualpear.com to donate.

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