Avril Minicone LAME LILIYARN

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These unique yarns are an amazing way to add a little something special to your fibre art practice. 

This fine yarn is known as "lamé" which is a knitted with thin ribbons of metallic fibre. It will add a sparkle of interest in your project ✨. It comes as a continuous length of yarn, wound around a palm-sized paper cone.

Fibre content

 35% Polyester, 65% Rayon


33g / 1oz net


95m / 103yd


Finger / sport

Knitting needle size & tension

[JP size] 1ply: No. 8-10mm (4.5-5.1mm)

WPI & suggested heddle

20 WPI, 10dpi 40/10 reed - 12.5dpi 50/10


Hand wash, lay flat to dry



Please note that while I try my very best to represent these yarns accurately, there may be variations of -/+5% on all measurements. Please treat all measurements as approximates.

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