Private Lessons

Looking for some one-on-one help with a specific project or to gain some helpful knowledge in a particular area of weaving, spinning or dyeing? I’m so happy to announce that in 2020 I will begin offering private lessons for you! 

I’m here to help with all things related to tapestry weaving, rigid heddle weaving, spinning, dyeing, carding and also business start up help. 

Tapestry weaving and Rigid heddle weaving

- loom setup

- warping and foundations

- weaving techniques 

- removing the weaving / cloth from the loom and displaying weavings

Spinning and Carding fibres

- preparing fibre ready to spin (no experience with raw fleeces) 

- spindle or spinning wheel setup

- spinning singles

- spinning techniques to create art yarns

- plying techniques such as 2 ply and Navajo 

- setting yarns

- hand carder or drum carder setup 

Dyeing yarn and fibre

- basic dyeing setup 

Business startup 

- building an Etsy shop or Shopify store

- email campaigns via mailchimp 

- xero accounting 

- supplier list for various business materials

- logo design 

- local market setup

- Instagram insights 

Where and when..
Private lessons will be held either in my home studio in Lambton or at your own home or studio in Newcastle at a time and date that suits you, which will be arranged once you have booked. Private lessons are 1 hour in duration. 

Rainie x

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