RENTAL - Wild Drum Carder

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Available to Australian residents only

Rental Fee: $70.00 per month | Non-refundable. 

This is a recurring fee billed every 30 days via a subscription service.

The rental date starts the day equipment arrives to you and ends 30 days after. The rental equipment is to be sent back the day after the rental period has finished or if falls on a weekend or holiday, is to be sent back the next business day.

Bond: $140.00 | Refundable upon return & inspection of equipment.

This one-off payment is a bank transfer (my bank details will be provided by email once the rental order has been placed)

The bond is a one-off payment, held to cover any damage or cleaning of the equipment. The bond will be refunded within 7 days of the rental equipment being returned and inspected. If during inspection, there is any sign of damage (beyond general wear and tear) or if the equipment needs to be cleaned (beyond reasonable surface cleaning), the bond may be fully or partially withheld. It is very important when shipping the equipment back, that it is returned with all original packaging – including padding, so that it arrives back to me in good condition.


Shipping is charged at the flat rate of $12, with the option to upgrade to express post. When returning the equipment, the renter is responsible for return shipping costs. There is a Local Pick Up option for people in the Newcastle area. 

Upon completion of the rental period, the equipment must be clean and tidy and with all original packaging and including all accessories, parts and manuals that it came with. The return address will be emailed to you at the end of the rental period.

Purchasing Equipment

If you have decided you would like to purchase the equipment you have rented, the bond can be withheld as part payment, with the balance owing to be paid within 7 days of invoicing. There will be a 10% discount on all used rental equipment. Please note that the rental fee does not contribute to the cost of purchasing equipment

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