Scrap Yarn Spinning Kit

Spin your own unique and wonderful yarns with The Unusual Pear Drop Spindle and Ashford Student Hand Carders.

You'll need some wool roving to help the scrap yarns stick together. If you don't have any roving at home, I have a great range of colours you can choose from. 

Video tutorial coming soon!

Whorl - 8.5cm diameter (3.34 inch)
Shaft - roughly 25cm (9.8")
Weight - roughly 25g (.85oz) 

Each spindle is hand made with FSC certified bamboo and Tasmanian oak. As the spindles are handmade, sometimes the length and weight can vary slightly.

The drop spindle is one of the oldest known spinning tools in history. Our spindle is incredibly portable and lightweight. You can create finely spun, more traditional yarns or thicker, 2 ply art yarns to have fun weaving with!

Due to the design of The Unusual Pear Drop Spindle, you can anchor the spun yarn anywhere along the circumference of the whorl which makes it great for beginners to learn.

Student Hand Carders
220mm x 125mm

- portable
- blend and card 
- stainless steel wire and rubber backing

Hand carders are used in pairs to prepare fibre or blend fibres or colours. Lightweight and easy to carry they produce small rolags ready for spinning. Hand Carders are sold as a pair. 

See how easy the student hand carders are to use here -

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