Shed Sticks


Medium Shed Stick - 30cm (12")
Large Shed Stick - 59cm (23")

Designed & made in Australia 
By Rainie of The Unusual Pear and laser cut in Sydney, Australia with sustainably sourced FSC certified spotted gum solid timber. Each piece is sanded smooth by my husband and I in our home studio. 

What's it for?
A shed stick is used to make weaving faster. When the shed stick is threaded through the warp threads, you can turn the stick on it's side and pass your weaving needle or shuttle straight through, without having to manually pick over and under each time. 

How to use
- Once you have warped your loom, use the pointed end of the shed stick to weave over and under each of the warp threads. 
- Turn the shed stick to its side to open the warps (this is called the shed)
- Pass your needle or shuttle straight through the shed and turn the stick flat again.
- Manually pick your needle or shuttle for the next row, then turn the stick to open the shed for the row after.


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