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About The Unusual Pear 

About me

My name is Rainie Owen and I am the weaver and loom designer behind The Unusual Pear. 

I run my studio and workshop from home in Newcastle, Australia; where I live with my husband Beynon and two kids, Poppy and Louis. 

I caught the weaving bug in 2014 when I was pregnant with my daughter Poppy. The therapeutic nature of weaving was a much needed creative outlet for me during my last weeks of pregnancy and has flourished into a wonderful daily ritual. 

Every spare moment I have, I weave. 


About my products

After a few months of weaving, I began designing and prototyping my own range of weaving looms late 2014 and in February 2015, I released my first range of beginner-friendly and affordable weaving looms to the market.

The Unusual Pear weaving looms and tools are made from beautiful FSC certified bamboo and each and every piece is sanded by hand before heading out into the world. 

My weaving looms and tools are my original designs and have been tried and tested for years. When purchasing from The Unusual Pear, you are purchasing an original design, an Australian made and owned product and supporting a small creative business.

The Unusual Pear is always evolving with my ideas and passion to rethink designs, making old crafts fresh, exciting and interesting again.  


Learning to weave..

I feel so lucky to have the honour of helping people find their creative passion with weaving. 

Weaving is the type of craft that will literally change your life. It's one of those healthy addictions that is actually good for your spirit and mind. If you're anything like me, you need to keep your hands busy at all times but don't have the brain capacity to keep up with counting stitches and following instructions, then weaving is the craft for you!