XL Weaving Loom & optional Heddle Bar

Size: 90cm x 60cm (2 ft x 3 ft)

Material: FSC certified Tassie Oak  


XL Weaving Loom (Loom only)

Heddle Bar (Heddle Bar only)

XL Weaving Loom + Heddle Bar (Loom + Heddle Bar)

XL Weaving Loom + Tool Set - 10% off (Loom + Large Shed Stick + Large Shuttle + Large Weaving Needle + Tapestry Needle + Comb + 200g .5mm Cotton Warp)

This loom can be used as multiple looms in one. The large size allows for ample room to explore and be creative. But, when you only want to work on a small piece and don't want to waste your string, the bottom notches are adjustable up to 7-8"! You can even get a longer bolt from your local hardware store for a few dollars if you want even more adjust-ability, up to 2'.

This adjustable notch feature is also crucial to having control over your tension. Once warped, there is little you can do to adjust the tension on a regular loom. With the adjustable notches you can tighten or loosen the tension of your warp. If your tensiis too loose, simply tighten the loom... if your tension becomes too tight, all you have to do is loosen the loom. This is a gamechanging feature that you won't find with any other loom!

The notches on this loom are created from hard wood.. you can choose the sett of your warp strings by single warping or double warping... from super close to super far!

This loom is easy to put together and stable once it is connected. All that is required is a Phillips screwdriver. Included are simple instructions, including a step by step video explaining how to set it up and warp it. It also comes with removable stands for mobile weaving.

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These looms were designed by Lindsey of Hello Hydrangea and are handmade in small batches by our local woodworker David Stayte in Newcastle, Australia. 

Available Australia-wide and international orders welcome (for US customers, please purchase directly from Hello Hydrangea).

There has been a price increase due to outsourcing labour and the rise in timber prices recently, the price increase also reflects the workmanship David has put into these looms - you will not be disappointed ❤️


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