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I've drawn on my years of experience as a fibre artist to bring you a range of yarn and roving that is so perfect for this craft. It's a collection that I have spent years sourcing, creating and experimenting in my own works. 

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"Weaving is a craft that takes practice and patience but once you have the fundamental techniques honed, there are no limits to what you can create." Rainie Owen, The Woven Home

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Spinning & Carding

Making your own yarn is a truly wonderful way of levelling up your work. Do you dream of a yarn that doesn't exist? Well in this collection you'll find plenty of tools to help you create it yourself! 

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A collection of stitching kits and pom makers from various fibre artists. Perfect to busying hands on a rainy day for some mindful making.

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Ceramics & homegoods

Handmade ceramics, artworks, baskets and notions by Beynon & Rainie. Mostly one of a kind pieces ready to ship and some pieces made to order. Custom work available!

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Hello! I'm Rainie Owen, the sole trader here at The Unusual Pear. You see me pictured here with my husband Beynon and our two children Poppy and Louis. We are a very small family-run business based out of our home studio in Newcastle, Australia.

Here you will find my shop full of hand spun and hand dyed yarns, weaving and spinning tools, ceramics and artworks made by my husband and I plus a blog continuously being updated with helpful posts for guidance on making and a source of inspiration. I am also proud to be partnered with a growing number of brands who share our ethos of quality made, ethically sourced materials and supplies.

I founded The Unusual Pear in 2014 out of a love for making beautiful things and busying my hands to help quieten my mind. As I shared my creative passions with the world online, I began building relationships with people all over the world as we connected through our love of making...

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We have all been beginners at something before. If there is anything at all I can help you with, please send me a message and I will respond as soon as I am able to. If you find it easier to talk on the phone, please also leave your contact number and I will call you back.

Rainie x

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