Super Chunk Yarn

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This pencil roving yarn has been a staple in my collection over the years. I've made so many beautiful projects with this yarn and continue to use it's waste as it's extremely easy to card and spin into new yarn. 

If you are considering this yarn for rigid heddle weaving, I suggest pre-washing the yarn to help give it strength as a warp. 

Perfect for hand dyeing - this yarn soaks up vivid colours like a treat. The natural colour of this yarn is a very light creamy white with no yellow undertones. 

Fibre content

100% Merino wool


50g +


35m per 50g


Super bulky / super chunky

Knitting needle size & tension

10-13mm (11-16US)

WPI & suggested heddle

5 WPI, 5dpi 20/10 reed 


Hand wash, lay flat to dry



Please note that while I try my very best to represent these yarns accurately, there may be variations of -/+5% on all measurements. Please treat all measurements as approximates.

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